Bringing Temp Workers Into Your Business: Dos and Don’ts

For some organizations, temporary workers are business-as-usual. For others, an infusion of temps is a new experience and can be unsettling. Here’s how to help everyone adjust quickly and productively. Do: Communicate Inform your team early and explain the measurable benefits to them. Whether you’re hiring temps to help with a new project or to cover vacations and personal leaves, knowing why helps everyone get on board. Don’t: Disregard worries If people seem anxious or threatened by temp workers coming in, take…

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Resume Tips for Customer Service Jobs: 3 Must-Haves

Looking for a job in Customer Service? The good news is that customer service jobs are expected to grow by 10% between 2014 and 2024. The challenge is that customer service jobs are in demand and can be competitive. Your first step? Get a job interview. That means an HR manager or recruiter needs to find out about you—and a good resume is the best way. Here are three ways to improve your resume and get that call. 1. Customize your…

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The True Cost of Bad Hires

As the economy improves, it’s getting harder to attract and retain talent. When unemployment is low and candidates are scarce, organizations may make costly hiring mistakes to cope the urgent issue of empty seats. How expensive are the costs of bad hires? Let’s take a look. According to this article in Forbes, the price of a bad hire can vary, but it’s almost never cheap. Some examples: Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh said that bad hires have cost his company “well over…

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Ask One (or Two) of These Ten Questions During Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews are a two-way street That message can get lost when you’ve been job hunting for a while and it seems like employers hold all the power. In trying to seem agreeable and accepting, some candidates don’t ask any questions in their job interview. Or, even worse, they jump straight to questions about salary or benefits. Make it to the next round of interviews An interview is really like a first date. Ideally, both parties show interest in learning…

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When There Are Gaps in a Candidate’s Resume

In recruiting, it’s common to encounter gaps in resumes. Most gaps are either time or skills gaps. A skills gap is the unexpected absence of a skill or aptitude in a resume. For example, an experienced web developer who doesn’t list HTML or coding as a skill. Sometimes this is an oversight, sometimes the candidate has left it off the resume because the skill is assumed, and sometimes it means there’s an actual lack of experience. A time gap happens when…

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Looking for Work? 5 Reasons to Take a Seasonal Job

If you’re looking for a permanent position, does it make sense to take a seasonal job? The answer is yes. It’s actually a good move, for at least five reasons. Here’s why you should consider temporary or seasonal work while you’re searching for a job. Cash flow. It’s nice to have a paycheck coming in, especially during the holiday season. Some seasonal jobs also offer employee discounts on merchandise, which could be helpful to your household for the duration of the…

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